The Difference Between Small and Large Courier Companies

Many people are familiar with the companies which rule the courier world. These are organizations like FedEx and UPS, and they typically have branches in almost every major city. However, there is an entire industry of smaller, more locally oriented couriers. Many people that aren’t as familiar with the industry might not understand just how their local New Mexico courier service might be so different from a company the size of FedEx.

The truth is that both types of companies have their pros and cons, as almost anything can when comparing two similar companies. Which type of company is going to be better for your organization to use is going to depend to a large degree on what your shipping needs are. Always, when selecting a courier company, defining your own needs before you begin looking is the most important step.

The strength of a company like FedEx is små och stora företag going to be in their ability to make very long distance and international deliveries. Many companies which have their base in a local area either don’t deal in international shipments, or if they do end up having to put the package with one of the larger companies anyway. If you ship overseas a great deal, one of these organizations can be your better bet.

The smaller, local companies on the other hand, can be great if you’re only shipping within a certain area. That is because they have a lot less overhead in terms of maintaining their infrastructure, which can often help them to keep their costs down.

The other advantage to a smaller company is that they will often get to know you better, which for some people means better customer services. With a larger courier you will likely be treated as just an extension of your account number. The smaller companies enable you to get to know both your drivers and those at the office, and sometimes get better treatment.

However, if you represent a larger company, sometimes the local couriers don’t have the scale necessary to accommodate your deliveries as you grow you company. One of the good things about using one of the corporate giants in the shipping world is knowing that you can never scale so big that they can’t continue to keep up with your shipping needs.

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