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  • Sea Sick
    Acrylic, Oil Paintstick, Chinagraph Pencil, Ink & Enamel Spray Paint on Wood
    33 cm x 17 cm
    22 June 2015

    Private Collection Edinburgh
  • I'm Still Leaping (Formerly Flat Frog)
    Acrylic, Oil Paintstick & Chinagraph Pencil on MDF
    50 cm x 22 cm
    April 2015
  • Frankenfright - The New Fragrance From Government
    Acrylic, Oil Paintstick, Chinagraph Pencil, ink and Pencil on mdf
    82 cm x 68 cm
    March 2014
  • A Good Innings
    Acrylic, Oil Paintstick & Chinagraph Pencil on MDF
    74 cm x 44cm
    February 2014
  • Give Your Angel A Bed For The Night
    Acrylic Paintspray and Pencil on MDF
    22 cm x 22 cm
    November 2013
  • Rag and Bone Angel
    Household paint, oil paintstick, pencil, silver ink and enamel spraypaint on wood
    36 cm x 22.5 cm
    November 2013
  • Song Bomb
    Acrylic/Enamel Paint Spray, Acrylic, Oil Paintstick, Chinagraph Pencil & Pencil on MDF
    100cm x 100cm
    September 2013

    Private Collection Edinburgh
  • Three-dust-mites
    Acrylic, Oil Paintstick, Pencil and Chinagraph Pencil, on MDF
    22 cm x 22 cm
    September 2013

    Private Collection Berwick-upon-Tweed
  • Cash Bingo
    Acrylic spray paint & Oil Paintstick on MDF
    100 cm x 43.8 cm
    October 2013
  • Holy Bat Pills! (Pow! Ravish Your Senses Silly)
    Acrylic Spray Paint, Oil Paintstick, Chinagraph Pencil,and ink on MDF
    22 cm x 22 cm
    August 2013

    Private Collection Berwick-upon-Tweed
  • Holy Island (Lust For Life)
    Acrylic Paint Spray, Oil Paintstick, Chinagraph Pencil, Pencil and ink on MDF
    100cm x 100cm
    June 2013
  • Magic Cat
    Acrylic Spray, Acrylic, Oil Painstick and Chinagraph pencil on MDF
    100 cm x 100 cm
    February 2013
  • All Ju Ju Bendy Business Coming To An End
    Acrylic Paint Spray, Oil Paintstick, Chinagraph Pencil and Pencil on MDF
    100cm x 100cm
    January 2013
  • Fizzing Drink Hoodoo Makes You A Sex Bomb
    Acrylic, Oil Paintstick, Enamel and Acrylic Spray Paint, Oil, Pencil, Chinagraph and Crayon on MDF
    100 cm x 100 cm
    January 2013
  • Drip Fed Dread
    Acrylic, Enamel Spray Paint and Chinagraph pencil on MDF
    100 cm x 100 cm
    November 2012
  • Ghostloaf®
    Acrylic and Oil paintstick on mdf
    31 cm x 31 cm
    August 2012
  • Ich Bin Ein Clown
    Acrylic, Oil Paintstick, Enamel Spray Paint,  Chinagraph, Pencil and Crayon on mdf
    100 cm x 100 cm
    July 2012 

    Private Collection Edinburgh
  • Wonky Chomp at the Roach Motel
    Acrylic, Oil Paintstick, Enamel Spray Paint and Pencil and Crayon on mdf
    100 cm x 100 cm
    April 2012 
  • Red Path
    Acrylic, oil paintstick, enamel paint, china-graph and pencil,on canvas
    100 cm x 100 cm
    March 2011
  • Tick Tock
    Acrylic, oil paintstick and crayon on clock face
    34cm diameter
    March 2011


  • Door Knocker
    Durham Cathedral
    February 2014
  • Scott Monument
    February 2014
  • Bicycles
    January 2014
  • Musical Equipment
    Chrysta Bell Gig Voodoo Rooms
    May 2013
  • Seed Heads
    Seafield, Edinburgh
    January 2013
  • GAP
    Regent Street
    October 2012
  • Tractors
    Goswick Sands, Northumberland
    September 2012
  • Beach and Sky
    Holy Island of Lindisfarne
    September 2012
  • Staircase
    Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh
    January 2011
  • Frost On Leaves
    The Meadows, Edinburgh
    January 2011
  • Kensal Green Cemetery
    November 2010
  • Prince Street
    New York City
    October 2009
  • Somewhere on Bleecker Street
    New York City
    October 2009
  • Moustache
    New York City
    October 2009
  • Churchyard of Christ Church, Spitalfields
    March 2009
  • Tube Train
    September 2008
  • Restaurant lamp
    November 2005
  • Fontaine de Medicis
    Jardin du Luxembourg
    March 2005
  • Metro Ghosts
    Unknown Paris Metro station
    March 2005
  • Winter Landscape
    December 2003


    Scottish Mental Health Art & Film Festival
    A6 Postcards (3 versions printed - front)
    August 2015
  • Smhaff
    Scottish Mental Health Art & Film Festival
    A3 Poster
    June 2014
  • Queen Margaret University
    A5 Mad People's History & Identity Course leaflet
  • Relate Lab
    Logo for new Edinburgh social media company
    August 2013
  • Wonky Chomp
    T Shirt (Front)
    April 2013
  • Wonky Chomp
    T Shirt (Back)
    April 2013
  • ecce
    Logo for new Edinburgh/Isle of Lewis environment, community & events consultancy
    January 2013
  • Statue of Liberty
    Design (from original photograph) for 3 metre Banner printed on canvas and mounted on tapestry for Acanthus client's kitchen
    September 2012
  • A Vision of Elvis
    A3 poster for Fringe Festival tribute show
    May 2012
  • Illuminate
    A3 poster for Art Exhibition
    January 2012
  • Acanthus
    Art Magazine, Scotland 1/3 page advert
    September 2011
  • Acanthus
    Business Card
    April 2011
  • Acanthus
    Business Card
    April 2011
  • Mikel Rouse
    A6 postcard (front and reverse)
  • Enrico Rava & Stefano Bollani
    A6 postcard
  • Jazz Festival
    A6 postcard
  • Jazz Festival
    A6 postcard (reverse)
  • The Queen's Hall, Music Non Stop
    The List Magazine, 1/4 page advert
  • Bobo Stenson Trio
    A3 poster
  • Tord Gustavsen Trio
    A3 poster


Born In Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England.
Lives And Works In Edinburgh, Scotland.

Art Statement

I produce vibrant works on paper, wood, mdf and canvas in an expressionist style that is often mistaken as 'outsider' but I take that as a compliment.

Intense and energetic, rich in vivid colour and heavily covered in text, stencils and bursts of texture, the works are primarily concerned with a universal experience filtered through my life.

I suggest dichotomies, wealth vs poverty, primitive vs sophisticated, integration vs segregation, justice vs injustice and inner vs outer experience.

Whilst the majority of my work evidently references pop, expressionism, outsider art and design elements, I have developed a language of my own. I harness the synergy of appropriation; poetry, drawing and painting which marries text and image, abstraction and figuration, historical information mixed with contemporary critique.

Contemporary culture, history, geography, political and corporate worlds, word play, social commentary and music all get put into the art blender too. My work has no set agenda, theme or literal subject matter — it is informed by what I am passionate about, what makes me angry and what makes me joyous — how I respond to what I see and hear around me. I try to find beauty in the ordinary, in the mundane, in the over-looked, and in what is commonly regarded as ugly… I am also scathing of what I see as unfair, cruel and brutal in the world. This is also your world.

Photography Statement

If my photographs have a mission at all, it is this: to capture both mundane and extraordinary scenes, moments and environments, people and events and present them in an interesting way.

It may be a tube train emerging from a tunnel or the dark interior of an abandoned building or my walk into town. Whatever the locale, on the best of days, I hope to ignite unexpected feelings and thoughts in the viewer.

I have been creating photographs in theatre, concerts and festivals too for over 25 years.


Jean Michel Basquiat — almost everything but especially — In Italian, Nu Nile & The Dingoes that Park their Brains with their Gum.
Outsider art.
Willem De Kooning — almost everything but especially Ruth's Zowie & other work from 1957-63.
Cy Twombly — almost everything but especially The Coronation of Sesostris & The Four Seasons.
Louise Borgeois especially — Nature Study.
Julian Schnabel — Works On Paper & Palazzo Chupi. Basquiat (Film).
Mark Rothko.
Gilbert & George.
Susan Rothenberg.
Joseph Beuys.
William Blake.
Joan Miró.
Andy Goldsworthy — especially his work with pebbles and leaves.
Wassily Kandinsky.
Ibrahim Hussein.
Abstract Expressionism.
Neo Expressionism.
German Expressionism.
New York City (especially SoHo, Great Jones Street & W. Village), Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, London, especially Brick Lane & Truman Brewery area. Zakopane (The Piano Bar). The Isle Of Skye, Edinburgh, Marrakech. Zagorsk, Miami Beach, Langkawi, Barcelona, Dublin, Palma Mallorca, Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Noi & Hué, Vietnam, Copenhagen.
George Orwell.
Samuel Beckett.
Allen Ginsberg.
David Bowie (everything except Tonight & Never Let Me Down!).
Iggy Pop — but especially The Idiot & Lust For Life.
Patti Smith — especially, Horses, Trampin’, Dream Of Life, Banga and her photography and poetry.
Brian Eno — On Land, Discreet Music, Shutov Assembly, Apollo.
Stereo Total.
The Clash.
Joy Division — especially Unknown Pleasures.
Mark Lanegan — Bubblegum.
Philip Glass.
Miles Davis.
David Sylvian.
The B52's (1st 2 albums).
Charlie Parker.
Tord Gustavsen — Being There.
Richard Hawley — Coles Corner.
The Kills
Lulu Rouge — Bless You.
Tate Modern.
The Noguchi Museum.
Arken, Denmarm.
The ocean, rivers, streams, trees, silence & Frost, clouds & sky.
Red wine. Guinness. Old Speckled Hen.
George Best.
Charlotte Rampling.
The Films of Woody Allen.
Oil paint sticks.
Arcylic paint.
Oil paint.
Pearl Paint, NYC.
Atlantis Art Materials & L. Cornelissen & Son, London.
Erik's Parties.
The industrial landscape of Sheffield in the 60s & 70s.
Steel Works.
Weston Park Museum.
West Street.
Rare & Racy.
The Crucible Theatre.
The Limit Club.
Hawksmoor churches — Christ Church Spitalfields & St Mary Woolnoth in particular.
Lomo Photographs.
Peter Lindbergh photography.
Vivian Maier.
Agnes B.
Islamic Calligraphy.
Josef Müller-Brockmann.
Blue Note & ECM album cover design.
Most things and remember everyone dies but not everyone lives…


If you require any information on sales, exhibitions, commissions, use of or any other enquiry about my work, please feel free to contact me - enquiries@m-dawson.co.uk

+44 (0)781 492 4537.


Michael Dawson

All images © Michael Dawson 2014 — All rights reserved
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